General Contractor (BKGC)

BKIEA General Contractor is staffed with 649 active professionals and workers who are employed on permanent and contractual basis. The construction business line was first engaged in providing machineries rental service for customers by owning 4 bulldozers, 3 excavators, 2 graders, 10 damp trucks and five concrete mixers. The company is now undertaking the construction of a five star hotel project in Bahir Dar city and it is nearly completing the construction of a four star Adama Ras Hotel expansion project in Adama city.

The company has been registered in grade three general contractors’ list by obtaining the licence from the Ethiopian Ministry of Construction and Urban Development. We are now working hard to upgrade and receive Grade One General Contractor licence by fulfilling the requirements of the regulatory body.

Projects executed by BKGC:

  1. Adama Ras Hotel Mixed Use project in Adama city, Oromia National Regional State;
  2. PhiBela Edible Oil Factory project;
  3. Finote Selam town internal road project;
  4. Tatek compound work project,
  5. Gedio-Fincha road project.
  6. Bahir Dar Concrete Pole Manufacturing Plant
  7. Gondar Concrete Pole Manufacturing Plant

 Projects under construction:

  1. Adama Ras Hotel Expansion Project
  2. Bahir Dar Hilton Five Star Hotel Project
  3. Gelan Car and Truck Assembly project bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.