As a founder and leader of Belayneh Kindie Group (BKG)

I feel that I have successfully transformed a small family retail trading unit into a big and diversified business and investment institution. The top secret for my success in the business is commitment of myself & employees of our business organizations. Strong work discipline can be seen as the DNA of our growth. I also believe that BKG can serve as a role model for emerging entrepreneurs and hardworking Ethiopians. BKG’s Alpha and Omega is transforming our full potential energy not for personal gains but for the development of endeavours of our country and its people.I always remember that 30 years ago, I began retail family business with a starting capital of ETB 4600 obtained from my mother as a loan. After three years of domestic trade experience our small scale trading unit was transformed into a reputable and diversified global export business organization called Belayneh Kindie Group. We became Ethiopia’s leading sesame seed exporter. We exported more than 380 million quintals of sesame in the last ten years alone. Our global business engagement enabled us to contribute our part in generating hard currency which is vital for the national economic development endeavours of our country. Our import & export trade has also paved the way for the establishment Belayneh Kindie Business Group (BKG). The group is acollection of Phibela Industrial Complex, Belayneh Kindie Corporate (BKC) and Belayneh Kindie Foundation (BKF).
Chair Person, BKG Board of Directors. - Belayneh Kindie Mekonnen
Phibela Industrial Complex incorporates 8 integrated agro processing factories. This industry has a capacity of refining 1.4 million litre edible oil per day. Belayneh Kindie Corporate (BKC) has also incorporated eleven trading and manufacturing companies. Out of BKC companies, Belayneh KIndie Metal Engineering Complex (BKMEC) is one of huge trucks assembly plants in the country. In addition to our car assembly we are building another huge car assembly plant in Debre Berhan city (130km East of Addis Ababa). Today, the lives of more than five thousand fellow citizens depend on their job engagement with BKG. We are working hard to create job opportunity of other citizens depend on their job engagement with BKG. We are working hard to create job opportunity of other citizens and make the job of our employees more secured. We have created a business and investment group that is guided by principles of business and organizational procedures. The BKG Board of Directors is the highest body that can formulate organizational policies and decisions.

In the coming five years, we will be working to make a difference in sectors like

Food and Nutrition

Automotive Manufacturing

Commercial Farm


Real Estate Development

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