Message from The CEO office



Message from the CEO

Dear customers, trade partners and employees,

We are witnessing dramatic changes and challenges in the global trade. However, our business operating environment is improving from time to time because of our philosophy of placing our esteemed customers at the heart in the business operation. It is also believed that every fiscal year presents our business with a fresh hope. This hope emanates from the economic development of our country. Different international financial institutions have confirmed the sustainable economic success of Ethiopia. According to the current reports of the World Bank and IMF, Ethiopia’s economy is growing at a faster rate.

We strongly believe that as a private business organization, our contribution to the economic development of this emerging country is also immense. In addition to the leading role we play in exporting agricultural commodities to the international market, we are heavily investing in different economic sectors like: agriculture, manufacturing and service.  BKIEA’s steady growth in business has also become a source of jobs and benefits for many thousands of fellow citizens.

Our company has a decade old operation experience in import and export business. As a result a dependable business environment has been created with our customers and partners. We are still committed to exert our utmost effort to bring our vision as we endeavor to become market leaders in agricultural commodities export industry and create greater value for our customers. We are heavily investing in the manufacturing sector to make our country a better place to live and open the door for untapped infinite business opportunities in the sector.

Dear customers and trade partners,

You may be wondering about the achievements we have registered so far in fulfilling the foreign currency demand of our country. In the past six consecutive years alone, our export sector has generated USD 300 million and 10,867,485 (Euros). We are proud of our contribution to the national economic development endeavor. Without hesitation, we are constantly working to provide quality products and services to customers and our drive to success is grounded on this unchanged commitment of the leadership in particular and BKIEA staff in general. 

Dear BKIEA employees,

So far, we have been successful in meeting the goals of our business organization. To fulfill our vision of becoming a multimillion dollar business company that creates job opportunity for tens of thousands of our fellow citizens, we have created a good organizational culture.  BKIEA’s past and future success is grounded in our collective commitment to our core values. We are committed as an organization to the highest ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the country. As a result of your hard work you will benefit from the growth of the company. Therefore, your commitment is appreciated.

 Dear customers, partners and employees,

Our reputation for honest and reliable business conduct is tested and proven in each business transaction we make. I want to assure you that all our staff that represents BKIEA in any position or capacity is personally committed to follow the values of our business. All BKIEA leaders, including myself, have the responsibility of promoting the organizational culture we created. We operate in compliance with our values constantly and in unwavering manner.

We work to prosper together with customers, partners and employees. To this end, unethical, dishonest and questionable behavior will not be tolerated in our business organizations. We want to guarantee our customers and partners that we respect all applicable national and international laws and norms while operating our businesses. We are committed to creating great customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their expectations. BKIEA’s motto is “Customers are our ends!” This shows that we are becoming a dynamic and customer driven organization.

We are committed to treat every customer with respect. We also pay due attention to reach our goals with our combined efforts and dedication. Thank you.


Belayneh Kindie

CEO, Belayneh Kindie Import Export and Associates bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.