Major achievements

Major Achievements:

In the last two decades BKIEA has registered remarkable gains in business. The following are some of the achievements:

  • BKIEA is transforming its business from international agricultural commodities trade to manufacturing and value added products export. The establishment of edible oil factory which can cover 50% of the country’s edible oil market demand can be seen as testimony for this fact.
  • We have generated 301 million dollars in the last six years by exporting agricultural commodities to the global market. Based on this achievement, the Ethiopian government has awarded platinum and trophies for the last 10 consecutive years. The awards were provided for standing first among exporters.
  • BKIEA has become market leader in sesame oilseeds export market.
  • We exported white maize to Kenya in 2017 and generated 24 Million Dollars. Ethiopian farmers have benefited from this maize export by normalizing the price of their product. In addition, the Kenyan Government has provided certificate to BKIEA for its high quality white maize delivery.
  • We are providing trusted transport service with 43 heavy duty dry cargo trucks with a loading capacity of 40 tons each and 63 fuel cargo trucks with a loading capacity of 45 thousand liters each. Totally, in logistics we provide service with 109 heavy duty truckers by transporting export items to the port of Djibouti and imported items from the port of Djibouti to Ethiopia.
  • The steady growth of our company has enabled us to create job opportunity for 3005 employees who are working on contractual and permanent basis. BKIEA pays ETB 107,610,199 for wages and salaries every year for its permanent employees in salary and benefit.
  • BKIEA is one of high tax payers in the country. We have paid profit tax amounting Birr 118,950,131 and customs tax amounting Birr 288,811,153 for the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) in the last ten years
  • The completion progress report of the structural construction of Bahir Dar Hilton Hotel has reached to 95 percent.
  • The mixed use project at Adama Ras hotel has been completed and become operational. The building of the hotel expansion project is near to its completion.
  • We have developed 3000 hectares of land in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region. Out of which 500 hectares of land used to plant coffee. The reaming land is used to produce sesame oil seeds and other seasonal crops. bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.