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Transport service


Private Transport

Currently, this transport company is staffed with 246 active professionals and workers. The transport service started its operation as a separate business line in 2006 with 6 heavy duty dry cargo trucks.  Based on our extensive experience and track record in the field of logistics, we provide dry and fuel cargoes transport service with 106 heavy duty trucks. The transport service delivery is made through our special cross border transport company called Belayneh Kindie Special Cross Border Transport. We are able to transport export and import items from port of Djibouti to any destination in the country and provide optimal solutions for the logistics issues and problems of our customers.

BKIEA’s flourishing transportation business boasts a fleet of 43 dry cargo trucks  & 63 fuel cargo trucks, 3 machinery transport low beds totally with 109 a loading capacity of 40 tons and 45 thousand liters each respectively. Under special license, provide machinery transportation service with 3 machinery transporting low beds.  Nowadays, BKIEA is highly recognized and trusted transporter by its customers and it is well known for its efficient and effective transport service.

The establishment of this transport service was aimed at moving the export and import items of BKIEA from port to main land and vice versa. The transport business has  shown tremendous growth and currently it operates by owning 43 dry cargo trucks, 3 heavy machinery carrier trucks and 63 fuel cargo trucks totally, 109 heavy duty truckers. 

Public Transport

BKIEA has established public transport company known as Golden Bus SC having the major share. This company provides service with 20 Golden Dragon Luxury Buses. It offers its service in destinations of Ethiopia. Its passenger routs cover from Addis Ababa to Metu (West Oromia region), Gondar (Amhara region), Jigjiga (Ethiopian Somali region) and abroad to Khartoum (Sudan). The company has provided job opportunity for 76 employees.

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