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Sister Companies and Transite

Sister Companies of BKIEA

  1. BKTM Trading PLC

The demand of concrete poles has increased in Amhara region in particular and throughout Ethiopia in general. The Ethiopian Electric Power Service has shown rapid growth in the use of concrete poles as wooden poles and steel poles lost their cost effectiveness and became increasingly unacceptable environmentally. Taking this increasing demand into consideration, BKIEA together with other shareholder has established two concrete poles manufacturing plant in Bahir Dar and Gondar cities.

Bahir Dar and Gondar concrete pole manufacturing plants are located 565 and 760 km north of Addis Ababa respectively. Each manufacturing plant has the capacity of producing 200 poles per day. The establishment of these plants has created job opportunity for 200 employees. Users obtain 50% transportation cost reduction compared with the same products produced in other parts of the country.

All raw materials used to produce the pole like: cement, sand and gravel are available in the local market except the 1500 Pascal iron which is imported from Europe.  

The unique features of the poles are:

  • Exceptionally smooth and durable;
  • Capable of an extra long service life;
  • Have a design which enables the use of standardized fittings;
  • Resistant to sabotage and fire;
  • Reduce maintenance cost of the service provider.
  1. Golden Bus Share Company

BKIEA is the major share holder in Golden Bus Luxury Passengers Transport Company established in 2017. This transport company provides service for the middle income society to different destinations by owning about 20 luxury Golden Dragon Buses. The company has created employment opportunity for 54 citizens on permanent basis. It has more than 15 ticket offices across the country.

  1. Other Shares hold by BKIEA

BKIEA is the major share holder in the following 8 companies:

  1. Tsehay Industry (former Kaliti Metal Products Factory) which plays a dominant role in the manufacturing of sheet metal, LTZ, etc.
  2. Tsehay Insurance Share Company (TISC) : is one of 18 private insurance companies established in Ethiopia;
  3. Abbay Bank S.C.
  4. Abyssinia Bank S.C
  5. United bank S.C
  6. Enat Bank S.C
  7. Abbay Industrial Development S.C

 4. GERELTA Business Private Limited Company is an independent but affiliated company providing custom clearing and port handling services for imported and exported goods primarily to our export and import cargoes. It also provides such services to other clients.

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