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Manufacturing Industry

  1. PhiBela Edible Oil Factory

 Taking the government’s manufacturing policy into account; BKIEA is heavily investing in the manufacturing sector.  BKIEA is constructing edible oil refinery complex. The construction of this edible oil plant is near to completion. The complex covers 30 hectares of land leased from Amhara Regional Government at the industrial town of Bure. When this huge complex becomes operational, it will cover up to 50% of the edible oil demand of the country.

The following factories will operate in the same compound:

  • A big refinery with a refining capacity of 1400 tons per day.
  • Sesame oilseeds processing plant (to add value on the row sesame by hulling and roasting).
  • Liquid soaps, solid soups and detergents manufacturing factory.
  1. Heavy Duty Tracks and Automotive Assembling Plant

This new factory is under construction at Gelan Town in Oromia Regional State (30 km south of Adiss Ababa). The factory covers 23,000 m2 of land. When it becomes operational, it is expected to assemble heavy duty trucks, luxury buses and automobiles. The factory is expected to start its assembly in the end of 2018. In addition, when the factory is completed different items of IVECO brand vehicles will be assembled like: heavy duty dray cargo trucks with a loading capacity 40 tons, heavy duty fuel cargo trucks with a loading capacity of 45 thousand liters, automobiles, golden dragon luxury buses and other medium sized cars.

  1. PP Bags Factory

The country’s requirement of PP bags is met through both local production and imports. Therefore, in order to meet the local market demand, BKIEA is engaged in the production of PP bags at its factory located in Kality Sub City (South of Addis Ababa). This factory was owned by purchasing from the previous owner in 2018. The factory has provided job opportunity for 238 employees on permanent and contract basis. When the factory operates in its full capacity, the number of employees will reach to 300. Currently, the production capacity of this factory is 40,000 PP bags per day. Mainly, the ownership of this factory helps us to fulfill the demand of PP bags for our sesame export department.

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