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Commercial Farm

Yirt Valy Farm (BKYVF)

The Ethiopian Statistical Agency agricultural surveys show that the agriculture sector productivity has improved in recent times as a result of using new technologies and inputs. Further, forecasts show also that there is a large gap between demand and supply of agricultural products in Ethiopia.  Therefore, to narrow the gap, BKIEA has added the agriculture sector into its investment portfolio.

A total of 2,700 hectare of arable land is leased from the Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples government in Benchi Maji Zone at Yirt Kebele (Maji Woreda). The land has been used for coffee, sesame and other crops plantations. The regional government also promised to give additional land in the same area when the leased land is fully developed and taking our performance into account.

Our role is not limited to commercialization of agricultural products. We employ modern agricultural inputs and introduce modern agricultural practices to benefit the indigenous community living in the area. Therefore, the regional government and Bench Maji Zone Agricultural Department have paid recognition for our efforts and practices by providing us certificates and trophies.

Our agricultural products:


Ethiopia is endowed with a good production environment for growing coffee with a combination of appropriate altitude, temperature, rainfall, soil type, and PH. Ethiopia is the center of origin for Coffee Arabica. Coffee production in Ethiopia is almost exclusively situated in the two regions of Oromia and the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People Regions (SNNPR) in the south and west of the country. We have 500 hectare of land of coffee covered by Coffee Arabica trees in SNNPR. Ultimately 1000 hectare of land will be covered by coffee plants.

Sesame oil seeds:

China is the number one importer of our sesame seeds. The demand for organic oilseeds and pulses in the developed world, specifically in the Europe, is growing. Therefore, it would be interesting to produce and export more certified organic oilseeds and pulses. Arable virgin and fertile lands are available in Ethiopia. The farm lands offer good opportunities for organic and sustainable sesame production. Taking this fact into account, we have started to produce sesame oil seeds in 500 hectare of our commercial farm land.

Seasonal Crops and Others:

In addition to export items produced in our commercial farm, we are producing seasonal crops like: maize, teff, wheat and pepper to fill the gap of demand in the local market. 

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