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Import Business

BKIEA Import business line is staffed with 112 active professionals and workers. Among the major imports of BKIEA are: different types of automotive industry inputs, palm oil, sunflower oil and steel bars of different size.

Automotive industry inputs:

We import automotive industry inputs which are used to assemble IVECO branded heavy duty trucks. Each assembled dry cargo truck has a loading capacity of 40 tons and each fuel cargo truck has a loading capacity of 45 thousand liters.

  • The second types of automotive industry inputs imported are golden dragon branded luxury buses.
  • The third type of automotive industry inputs are used to assemble automobiles and medium sized cars.

Edible Oil:

BKIEA imports palm oil and sunflower oil. We import 200 containers (4 million liters of palm oil) every month. In addition to the palm oil, sunflower oil is the second edible oil item imported by BKIEA.

Steel Bars

BKIEA imports different sizes of steel bars ranging from 6 mm to 24 mm. These products are imported mainly from Turkey.

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