Belayneh Kindie Import & Export

Enter into the world of BKC

Belayneh Kindie Import & Export which is a member of Belayneh Kindie Group is a young and fast growing business and investment group formally established in 2005

Our Experience

The Group enjoys the visionary, energetic and resilient leadership of its Forbes featured founder and Board Chairperson, Mr. Belayneh Kindie Mekonnen. Mr. Belayneh Kindie’s business journey stretches back 29 years from a humble beginning of trading butter and honey with an initial capital of less than 1000 USD and in less than just three decades he became a fame and leading actor in Ethiopia’s strategic economic sectors, the export and manufacturing sectors

Our Group

Belayneh Kindie Import & Export is the mother of all companies of Belayneh Kindie Group (BKC). There are two business lines under this company; Belayneh Kindie Export & Belayneh Kindie Import.


Our Mission

Committed to exceeding the expectations of customers & stakeholders by providing competitive & responsible business solutions & ensuring efficient products. Belayneh Kindie Import & Export is established to
Process high quality coffee, oil seeds, pulses & other seasonal crops in its own commercial farm.
Export value added commodities like sesame seeds, pulses & coffee to the international market
To forge mutually beneficial relationships with the community and the environment that we live in.
Provide international customers with high quality Ethiopian commodities & assist them in understanding & following the customs procedures in order to get our products reach its final destinations safe & on time.

Our Vision

Setting the pace to become the leading business group in Ethiopia and among the top ten exporters of agricultural products in Africa by 2025!

Our Value

Trust & Integrity

Customer Focused


Quality and Safety

Employee Oriented

Team Work

Continuous Improvement

Social Responsibility

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