Major Achievements

In the last two decades BKG has registered remarkable gains in business.

Winner Bronze level in Export Bussiness

The following are some of the indicators of our achievements:

In 2018 BKG awarded trophy and certificate by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) for standing first among sesame oil seed exporters for exporting 3.82 million quintals of sesame oil seeds for the last 10 years.
BKG has become market leader in Sesame seeds export market.
We exported white maize to Kenya in 2017 and generated 21 million dollars. Ethiopian farmers have benefited from this maize export by normalizing the price of their product. In addition, the Kenyan Government has provided certificate to BKG for its high quality white maize delivery.
We have generated USD 510 million in the last ten years by exporting agricultural commodities to the global market. Based on this achievement, the Ethiopian Commercial Bank (CBE) has awarded us platinum and trophies for the last 10 consecutive years. The awards were provided for standing fisrst in foreign currency earning among exporters.
BKG is transforming its business from raw agricultural commodities trade to value added products export & manufacturing. The establishment of edible oil factory which can cover 60% of the country’s edible oil market demand can be seen as a testimony for this fact.

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