Belayneh Kindie Group

Belayneh Kindie Group is one of the fastest growing & most successful private business organizations in Ethiopia

The group has established more than 15 organizations operating with more than 5,000 employees. Currently, it has developed a five years strategic plan designed to achieve even greater results in the coming years. Belayneh Kindie Group is a collection of the following three separate business entities operating under the guidance of BKG Board of Directors:
  • Phibela Industrial Complex
  • Belayneh Kindie Corporate (BKC)
  • Belayneh Kindie Foundation
Mr. Belayneh Kindie, the founder of BKG is the chairperson of BKG Board of Directors. When it initially started its small retail trade 30 years ago its starting capital was birr 4,600. Today, the group is contributing to the country’s economic development in the areas of export, trade, hotel & tourism, manufacturing, construction and commercial farm.

List of BKG Companies

Phibela Industrial Complex

Phibela industrial Complex is an industrial Complex comprised of different companies.
  • Edible Oil Factory ( with a capacity of producing 1400 tons of palm oil per day)
  • Soap Factory
  • Carton Factory
  • Sesame seed Processing Factory
  • Plastic Bottle Factory
  • Filling Factory
  • Margarine & Shortening Factory
  • PP Bags Factory
  • Transport
  • Automobile Assembly
  • Guba Farm

BK Metal Engineering Complex

Bk Metal Engineering Complex was established in 2018 with an investment capital of 540 million Ethiopian birr. The company is located at Gelan Town, 30km south of Addis Ababa on 12,000 square meter lands. Currently it is assembling IVECO brand heavy duty trucks imported from Italy, Golden buses from from china. The complex is also manufacturing trailers &tanks. It currently has a plan to enter into automobiles assembling in a very short period.

BK Yirt Valley Farm

The farm owns 2,700 hectares of arable land in southern Nation & Natonalities Regional State in Bench Maji Zone. This commercial farm is producing exportable agricultural products such as: coffee, sesame seed & seasonal crops. The regional government has given recognition the farm to be seen as a model farm in the region.

BK General Contractor

The construction business line was initially engaged in providing machineries rental service for customers by owning 4 bulldozers, 3 excavators, 2 graders, 10 damp trucks & 5 concrete mixers.

BK pp Bags Factory

BK pp bags have a capacity of producing 40,000 pp bags per day. The factory is mainly owned to supply the pp bags need of the export business of BK export business.

BK Private Transport

It was established in 2006 mainly to provide integrated cargo service for its own export and import business. Currently, it owns 43 dry heavy duty cargo transporting trucks with a loading capacity of 40 tons each and 63 fuel cargo transporting trucks with a loading capacity of 45,000 liters each.

Golden Bus Public Transport

Golden Bus S.C was established in 2017 to provide luxury bus transport service for the middle income society. This company provides public transport service using 20 Golden Dragon Luxury Buses.

Ethiopia Hotel

Ethiopia Hotel is located in the center of the capital city Addis Ababa. It was established in 1963 to host the participants of the former organization of the African Unity (OAU) during its formation. The hotel has 110 rooms and currently construction will begin soon to redevelop the hotel into a new high rising mixed use building accommodating a five star hotel,retail shops, offices & apartments.

Adama Ras Hotel

This is another hotel located in Adama city in the Oromia regional state,100km south of Addis Ababa. It was founded by a French national in 1960, during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie. Currently, the hotel has 68 rooms. After acquisition from the Ethiopian Privatization Agency, various development activities have been made to improve its standard. An expansion project ongoing & it ha sreached its finishing phase to upgrade the standard of this hotel to a four star level.

Hilton Bahir dar Resort & Spa

This is a new type of hotel project in Bahir Dar city which is already under construction stage. It is planned to finalize the project without delay & opening is expected to take place by early 2024.

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