BK's Export Business

The export business was BK’s first entry into a formal organization.

The company grew immediately in leaps and bounds to the number one Ethiopian exporter for ten consecutive years. BK was able to export over 36,000tons of sesame seed, generating over 70mln USD in just one year. Established 16 years ago, BK Import and Export was poised to be a foundation for the establishment of other sister companies. This export business line has generated more than 510 million USD in the last 10 years, for example; BK”s export business has created a huge brand image for the entire group often used as a reference in the international market and especially by Chinese traders.


Agricultural Commodities Exported to Global Market

Belayneh KIndie Export is currently concentrated on exporting Sesame oil seeds, Soybean & Coffee. Its commodities trading business has registered revenues of 510 million USD in the last decade alone. The following are the main agricultural commodities exported by Belayneh Kindie Import & Export.

Sesame oil seeds

Whitish sesame oil seed Humera type and Wolega type are the major export items of BKIEA. It exports more than 50,000 tons of oil seeds every year. The export market share of Belayneh Kindie Import & Export reaches about10% of the sesame oilseed in Ethiopia. Our company has 4 modern sesame seed clearing machines at Gelan town (South of Addis Ababa), Tatek industrial town (West of Addis Ababa), Bure town (West Gojjam) and Metema town (North Gondar). Each clearing machine has the capacity of clearing 10 tons of sesame oil seeds per day.


Belayneh Kindie Import & Export exports organic Arabica coffee to the international market. More than 90% of Ethiopia’s harvested coffee is organically produced. The inherently superior quality of Ethiopian highland Arabica coffee is unmatched, particularly in flavor and aroma. Therefore, Belayneh Kindie Import & Export has established coffee clearing machine at Tatek (industrial zone found 20 km west of Addis Ababa) with a capacity of clearing 2 tons of coffee per a day.


Soybean (Glycine max) is one of the major items that our company exports. It is a grain legume that is very nutritious and contains on average 40% protein. Currently it is becoming the world’s most important source of vegetable oil. Our company is currently getting ready to export 25,000 tons of Soybean to the global market.


Belayneh Kindie Import & Export exports pulses to different global destinations. Pulse crops are important components of crop production in Ethiopia's smallholders’ agriculture, providing an economic advantage to small farm holdings as an alternative source of protein, cash income, and food security. Pulses have also played an important role in the export sector generating foreign currency for the country. They are the largest export crop after Coffee & Sesame Seeds. Currently we are engaged in the processing & export of Green Mung Beans & Kidney Beans.

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