Belayneh Kindie Foundation

Adanech Kefale

Belayneh Kindie Group is fulfilling its ethical role by supporting different communities so that it has created trust through positive public relations.

Led by Adanech Kefale Spouse and business partner of Mr. Belayneh Kindie, Belayneh Kindie Group Foundation is bestowed with various tasks in shouldering out its various corporate responsibilities. In this regard 10 million birr has been allocated to establish BKG Foundation. Organizational structure is also being mapped out so as to streamline its activities. The establishment of the foundation will pave the way for BKG to successfully meet its responsibility in a planned and coordinated manner.
Skela Secondary School
For many years the group has been supporting communities in the areas of health, education, infrastructure development, construction, environmental protection and sports. Students obtained from low income families & high grade achievers studying in different colleges & universities have been regularly supported by BKG until they complete their studies.. By doing so it has demonstrated its commitment to overcome problems related to of natural & manmade disasters as well as social calamities.

Among others the following are financial donations of BKG

Purchased a bond amounting to ETB 33 million for the construction of the GERD

Donated ETB 35 million for “Gebeta Lehager and Gebeta Lesheger” projects initiated by H.E.P.M Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Donated ETB 3.1 million for Tikur Anbesa Hospital Cardiac Center and ETB 3 million for maintenance of the hospital

Strategic plan

In its 5 years strategic plan BKG Foundation has planned to allocate certain amount of profit from companies operating under its umbrella.

BKG provided birr 7,309,000 for educational activities undertaken by different companies,

We are providing financial awards for high grade achiever students in different universities & colleges.

We have been engaged in school feeding programs by allocating 10 million Birr for 10 years.

BKG has provided birr 18,199,839.35 for the rehabilitation efforts of Oromia, Amhara & Somali Regional governments for internally displaced citizens.

We have provided two ambulances to Gelan City Adminstration in Oromia Region and Gish Abay town in Amhara Region in order to support the health sector of the respective areas by allocating 2,150,000.00

We provided birr 7 million for infrastructure development purpose.

Damot secondary school library and ICT center 6 million birr.

Manqusa Primary school 11 million birr & Gelan K.G. 11.5 miliion birr

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