Vision, mission and values


The vision of Belayneh Kindie Import, Export and Associates is to be one of the best business company in Africa by the year 2025.


The mission of Belayneh Kindie Import, Export and Associates is to provide competitivequality products and services for customers with highly skilled business professionals and staff who are equipped with modern Information Technologies. BKIEA is established to:

  • Export value added agricultural commodities like sesame seeds, and coffee to the international market;
  • Import and assemble heavy duty trucks, luxury public transport buses and automobiles in its own assembly plant and sell them in domestic markets.
  • Produce edible cooking oil and detergents in its own factory by creating market linkage between oil seeds growing farmers and the edible oil factory and distribute the products of the factory to domestic and international market;
  • Produce coffee, oil seeds and other seasonal crops in its own commercial farm.
  • Deliver dry cargo, fuel cargo and public transport services to users,
  • Provide excellent and preferred hotel service with international brand for local & international customers.


  1. Integrity
  2. Customer Focused
  3. Quality and Safety
  4. Employee Oriented
  5. Respect
  6. Team Work
  7. Continuous Improvement
  8. Social Responsibility bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.