B.K.I.E.A history dates back to 2005, when BK Business opened exporting trade in Ethiopia with an initial capital of 3 million Birr. Based on the philosophy of pursuing integrity and sound management rather than easy gains, the B.K.I.E.A and flourished in the export of oil seeds and other related sectors. The company set itself the goal of boosting its export sales of oil seeds to become the first-largest trading company in Ethiopia. As a result, among those exporters engage in sesame export it has been ranking first as of 2010 and contributing huge foreign exchange to the economy.

Solidifying the company’s management foundation was the biggest challenge during the early period. As a result the Manager and Deputy Manager encouraged those amateur employees, who were not well versed in the trading business, by telling them that “enthusiastic amateurs outperform professionals” every time, and strove to establish sound management through strict credit control and other means. Side by side also, the company steadily expanded its presence in different business lines.

In 2006, a transport enterprise, namely Belayneh Kindie Private Transport, has come in to existence with 6 heavy duty trucks having a loading capacity of 40 tons each. Currently the enterprise has more than 100 truckers.

The company set out its vision of becoming an integrated business enterprise, by the year 2008, aimed at promoting business activities in addition to the existing trading activities in order to expand its earnings base by having two major revenue sources: Belayneh Kindie Import and Gerelta Business PLC.

Then after the company focused on strengthening its financial standing through the prioritization of businesses and improvement of profitability, as well as on reinforcing its business foundation by adding and enhancing the quality of prime assets, under a five-year strategic management plan.

In the year 2009, a project team was formed to promote large-scale projects, resource development and cultivation of new industries from a cross-divisional, medium to long-term perspective like agro-processing, manufacturing and hotel industries. As a result, the company has acquired Ethiopia Hotel situated at Addis Ababa and Adama Ras Hotel situated at Oromia Regional State, with a total cost of 134 million Birr, and araunnd 40,000 square meters of land from Amhara National Regional State (Bahir Dar City) for constructing five star resort hotel that may cost over Birr 600,000,000.00 (six hundred million).

Taking in to account the government’s policy and its prime importance for the economy the company engages, with joint venture, in the manufacturing sector that may require a capital of Birr 1.2 billion. To that effect, it acquired 30 hectares of land from Amhara National Regional State for edible oil refinery and began its construction.

It has also become a major share holder in Tsehay Industry (Kality Metal Factory) which plays a dominant role in the manufacture of sheet metal, LTZ, etc. On top of this, it is a major share holder in Tsehay Insurance Share Company.

It has also invested a lot to have 10 heavy duty construction machineries to provide rental service and currently it has 4 Bulldozers, 3 Excavators, 2 Graders, 10 Dam Trucks 3 mixers and 1 crusher.

As Ethiopia adopts Agricultural Led Industrialization, the company decided to participate in the Agricultural sector and submitted a project proposal to the Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples Government for acquiring a land. The government provided 250 hectares of land in which the company fully exploited the land for coffee, sesame and others plantations, cost over 25Million Birr. The government of SNNP has also provided additional 1,500 hectars of land in 2014/15.

In general,the B.K.I.E.A has gone on to become one of Ethiopia’s leading business enterprise, with interests include import, export, transport, hotel, rental of construction materials, manufacturing, domestic business investment and sales of a variety of products and services within and abroad.

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