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Sesame seed

Whitish sesame seed Humera type and Wollega type have been exporting with annual export volume of more than 50,000 MT. The Sesame seed are processed and cleaned with modern cleaning machine at HUMERA, METEMA, TATEK and GELAN warehouses. Our cleaning machines have the capacity of cleaning about 20MT/hour. All the warehouses have storage capacity over 70,000MT at a time.


After being a master in Sesame seed export,we have just entered in cofe export to repeat the same suces on it. Exporting washed coffee include: Sidama, Yirga- Chefie, Limu types and unwashed coffee exported include: Sidama, Jimma, Nekemti, Harar and other types. Ethiopian coffee is distinctive and valued by its unique characteristics of acidity, aroma flavor taste and fully balanced type. Most Ethiopian coffee grows at highland areas with altitude ranges from 1400—2200mt. Our newly built coffee processing plant at Tatek with color sorting machine will have a capacity of cleaning 3ton/hour . The processing plant has modern coffee quality analysis laboratories, and the coffee liquoring section is staffed with experienced, and qualified ‘Q” and star cupper.


  • peanut
  • pea beans
  • green mung beans
  • chickpeas
  • lentils


Camels and cattle


Agro Commodities

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